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Thread: AZURE FTP Upload action is blocked

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    Default AZURE FTP Upload action is blocked

    I've been trying to deploy my statically generated website from an azure release pipeline to my altervista site throught FTP. (see here for more info -> )

    After adding all the countries in europe manually (Europe included) to be allowed to send data over FTP I now get a new error

    Task         : FTP upload
    Description  : Upload files using FTP
    Version      : 2.157.2
    Author       : Microsoft Corporation
    Help         :
    a01eeca0-73fc-4f90-ad7b-10917f5094f8 exists true
    connecting to: ftp.***
    connected: 220---------- AlterVista FTP ----------
    220-Sei l'utente numero 10 di 256 consentiti
    220-L'ora locale � 14:09. Porta del server: 21.
    220-Questo � un sistema privato - Nessun login anonimo
    220 Sarai disconnesso dopo 5 minuti di inattivit�.
    FTPError: 504 Comando sconosciuto
    Ftp Upload failed
    saying "This is a private system - No anonymous login"

    According to the wiki I could change the mode from passive to active, but that is not allowed by the UI in control panel..
    FTP settings -
    Altervista WIKI -

    How do I get this automate system to work once for all?

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    Did you set the country from here?

    Can you try with Filezilla client?


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