It's not really the Madden 20 coins numbers I've a problem with, but more about what Madden allows you to do with progress - I wish they would just have some randomized score cap behind the scenes for every Madden participant - a few have high, some low, some medium - perhaps some Madden players possess a high cap that just the ideal trainer can get out of him (Think Harbaugh with Alex Smith) - maybe some Madden gamers will have a high rating in a certain chemistry or system which increases has them hit their cap, but becomes low beyond the machine or off the team (Madden has something similar to this today, but it does not require much assessing ). So I should not say I would eliminate ratings, I don't like the progression that goes right into them. I am wanting to mimic American Football, I do not want to feel like I am playing Morrowind.

But men are not rated based on stats. Ezekiel Elliot's a upper 90s X-Factor, but includes fewer yards and less YPC compared to Leonard Fournette, a low-80s Star (at best) who is playing behind an o-line that's not likely to be near Dallas's in terms of gift. Yeah, Elliot's had nice seasons, but right now they need to be shut in evaluations, if you look at season. Fair enough if you wish to give Elliot an edge, but following the Vikings game, X-Factor score appears to be odd.

Again, Byron Jones is a freakish stud in buy Mut 20 coins, and I'm working to figure out how that works for a man who has only got two INTs his whole career. He's gotten to play against Eli Manning, Daniel Jones, Bridgewater, the Dolphins in tank style (before they awakened their tank), and the Jets, and has given up a higher passer rating this season than 72 OVR Tre Herndon who's got as many selections in one game so far as Jones has in his career. Herndon's not a stud, so is Jones? (But hey, at Herndon's no longer sub-60. I swear, as much as the evaluations man has a hard-on for the Cowboys, he despises the Jags.