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Thread: domain cloak and redirect shows just the root domain everywhere?

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    Default domain cloak and redirect shows just the root domain everywhere?

    I'm putting up my first website using AlterVista as a hosting.

    I have bought a second level domain from you with redirect and I am trying to set it right.

    normally my page would use http://[domainname]

    I don't want anyone to see the altervista part, obviously after I have bought the second lvl domain.

    The redirect works fine, when I open my [domainname].com the page loads but ends up with the same http://[domainname]

    That is why I have enabled something called "cloak". Domain cloaking?

    In subdomain/redirect part I have http://[domainname].com to redirect to http://[domainname] and http://www.[domainname].com redirecting to http://[domainname]

    ... Now, the problem is that this isn't working for me as expected?

    I wanted to have it like


    and so on.

    But all I have now is no matter what part of the website it's always a static:


    What is wrong and how to make it work as I want?


    Ok so I've read up a bit... and turns out URL cloaking/masking is not good for SEO.
    So I don't want that.
    And I think the problem is that while my domain (one I bought from you) is a softlayer domain, it's not really AlterVista's domain.
    So in the end I always am forced to use anyway.
    Since this is mostly a free hosting and the domain redirect thing is just so I can give people the when they ask for the link.

    Is this correct? Can you confirm?

    So in the end I need to look for another hosting, eventually, one that offers hosting + domain without using 3rd party domain registrar.
    Or is what I want to achieve possible on AlterVista after all?
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