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Thread: Hosting domains instead of subdomains

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    Lightbulb Hosting domains instead of subdomains

    Hi altervista,
    I am elvis shrestha...
    I purchased a domain in altervista 2 months ago but when i type the domain name it takes me to the old subdomain i.e
    I bought the domain so that people can easily remember my site name but it is valueless... I want to suggest you to make free hosting available with domain or sub domain. I have seen that your host is far better than paid hosts but the bad part is that you dont offer hosts for domains but only for subdomains.. please help and try to improve in this part...

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    We don't offer a virtual host service and nowhere is writter that we do. Domain registering is intended to give you a way to have a shortcut to your subdomain, not to replace it.
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    Default Is Altervista block from google adsense?

    Dear Sir,
    Please solve adsense+Altervista ads problem, Otherwise tell me the alternate solution for this. I think alterivsta banned from google adsense, Please telll me that what i will do. altervista make a Appeal to adsense.
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    please don't duplicate threads, refer to:

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