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Thread: Original Wordpress Installation

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    Default Original Wordpress Installation


    First i want to thank you for your great service, i really love the free wordpress hosting.
    But i want to suggest some changes to your basic installation, as it is different from an original Wordpress installation
    and confusing some times.

    1.) Remove all additional features you added to wordpress which are included by the Jetpack plugin too and preinstall Jetpack by default instead.
    Reason: Jetpack has more features than you added, so that you have to install Jetpack anyway.
    This leads to bugs and features appering twice in the Control Panel, a bit confusing.
    2.) Order all Features related to Altervista (Altervista Account Data, CloudFlare, upCloo, Convert to AlterSite button, Purchase History, Categories and Rankings etc.) to ONE special menu in the Control Panel.
    Reason: I think this would be a better overview about the features/tools of AlterVista.
    3.) As the Jetpack plugin has an own mobile theme and the mobile functionality of AlterVisa is quite better, i would just add the theme to your mobile theme gallery.
    4.) In the english AlterBlog Control Panel, the upCloo plugin is in italian, you should change this to an english layout.
    5.) I would love it if you integrate some other functionalities of in case of possibility.
    6.) And, last but not least, i would remove the "Show/Hide advanced" Button from the Control Panel as he is just unnecessary.

    I Hope you will care about my suggestions and i am totally curious which of these are possible

    Kind regards
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    Thank you for your suggestions, we will consider them in our next updates.

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