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Thread: website minor suggestions

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    Default website minor suggestions

    1. Add language selection buttons or pulldown menu with flag images (UK for English, etc.) to, if not all pages, at least home page. Because in the U.S., when I type "" into the URL bar, it redirects to, and there is no indication anywhere on the page that any other languages are available. I happened to notice the "it." in the URL bar and experimented with manually changing it to "en.", but I think some users would just give up.

    2. Configure the HTTP and HTTPS servers for "" and "" to recognize the probable location of the requesting IP address and redirect to the probable language version for that location.

    3. On , the button reads "ENTRA" instead of "ENTER". I like it, but it might not be what you intended.

    Otherwise I think the aesthetics and functionality of the website and service are outstanding, and I am very thankful to have found it. (I found it through Wikipedia.)

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    Your feedback is much appreciated, thank you.

    As regard our suggestions:

    1-2) We are working on it and the solution will be online soon

    3) It has been fixed

    Thanks again

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