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Thread: FTP File Overwrite Issues

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    Default FTP File Overwrite Issues

    Hi, I just have my altervista site working now. I am using ftp transfer successfully to transfer files to and from the site. I am attempting to set up a very simple automated weather display page where periodically I will overwrite a file called, for example, "thisWeekMet.gif". thisWeekMet.gif is referenced by index.html so the a new graphic is displayed whenever I overwrite the file with new content but with the same file name. The overwriting is having problems though. Here is a test that I performed which illustrates a very strange issue that I think is related to my problem (using WinSCP as the ftp client):

    - I upload a gif file to
    - I see the file from within file management tools in and open it up from to view and it is correct
    - I delete the file either remotely using WinSCP or locally using the file management tools in altervista (I have done both to experiment)
    - I confirm in altervista that the file is deleted (it does not appear in the file list of "/")
    - I upload a different version of "thisWeekMet.gif". Same name but different content.
    - I confirm in WinSCP that the remote directory ( contains the correct version of the file by opening it and viewing from within WinSCP.
    - I view that same file from within the file management tools of altervista and *it is the old version of the file*! I see the file that I deleted and not the new file!?

    This is very strange and I really have no idea what could be going on. But I need to be able to overwrite the same named file in order for my little display tool to operate correctly. I think the problem I outline above must be a related issue that, if solved, could permit me to overwrite files. Any ideas on what to try?


    David Whiteman
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    I'm sorry for not replying to you earlier, I hadn't seen the discussion.

    The problem is related to the cache. You can resolve it by add some random get paramters to the URL image.

    Here there are some example to do this:

    You can use translate to translate italian to english.

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