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    This is my website Greypods.
    It is unique for downloading full and free movies. I am not really a webmaster because I am just 13 years old. I wanted to thank you i.e: altervista. Due to altervista, I have been able to create my site. Can anyone give me suggestions for my site? or can anyone halp me how to promote my site worldwide for free?

    I would be thankful for you help.
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    [IMG]139315949453382&set=a.124649057586738.26753.100001 249336382&type=3&theater[/IMG]

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    Cool Kid, how can i say this.

    Kid, I'm working for almost 5 years in this area and I've used altervista for all of my projects before i made them fully functional.
    I must say you made a great job with your website you shoud ad just a few more gadgets to your website.
    I must congratulate you because I've seen worse websites created by companies so you're on top of them.
    PS: Sorry for my bad english I'm not a nive speaking one.

    Here's one project that i've started recently...

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    Cool Sorry for late reply...

    Thank you urbandna... I have got so much experience by now and i am willing to sell this site because i just earned 50$ last week and i am planning to open a huge and beautiful site with a paid plan in godaddy...

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    Talking Thanks altervista

    Because of altervista's free services i was able to create Globaldownloads and now i have gained a lot of experience and i am creating my new site *NOSPAM* hope this site will bring me great success... I started blogging just because of altervista and i am glad to thank altervista... Please visit *NOSPAM*
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    How do you get such domain linked to Altivista website? I also want to link my altavista content to own domain [*="***"]http://***[/*]. Let me know
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    please, do not open really old topic like this (2011 !!!).

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