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  1. Can I customize the error pages? How?
  2. How does FTP connection work?
  3. What are AlterCents and how can I earn them?
  4. How can I refill AlterCents with credit card through PayPal?
  5. Can I convert Euro in AlterCents?
  6. Why I can't see the images outside my site?
  7. What are the differences between Archiving and Suspension of an account?
  8. Web space upgrade: why are requested 500 AC as activation cost?
  9. Can I add to my site advertisement not provided by AlterVista?
  10. I forgot my password. How can I recover it?
  11. How can I delete my account?
  12. Can I change my nickname (or address)?
  13. Can I open a website for a commercial activity?
  14. Why the "include" function does not work?
  15. Is PHP5 supported? How can I enable it?
  16. How can I find out which server hosts my site?
  17. Is ASP supported?